Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Our First 100 Days...as Vagabonds!

on the BTS.

Hey Family,

Glad to see you’re still here! It’s been a long time -- at least it feels that way.

Okay, where to begin? So much has taken place since we last blogged and we’re now about 900 days into this marriage. Can you believe it? We’re still roughing it out together. This time, literally.

We sold all our junk and moved to Southeast Asia!

The goal: To live simple lives in a foreign country with only a week’s worth of clothes, two laptops, limited funds and each other.

We’d love to keep you updated on our progress, so we’ve taken your advice and decided to blog another 100 days!

Join us at our new space at www.ourfirst100days.com

See you there in a few!


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